Drill Rods

All our drill rods are made to fit different rock drilling equipment of various sizes, providing a tight mechanical seal. Our products are developed to offer superior performance in surface and underground applications ranging from borehole drilling to open pit mines.

3.5 inch Drill-Rods

DTH and RC Drill Rods

Sourcit supplies a range of superior quality drill rods manufactured for the down-the-hole (DTH) and reverse circulation (RC) industry. It is made from either schedule 40 or schedule 80 material depending on the application.

We also supply a range of Remet and Metzke RC rods, all made with BQ inner tubes.


Diamond drilling rodsDiamond Drilling Rods

NQ, HQ & HWT/PHD rods are supplied by Sourcit.




Raw walls in wells cannot support themselves and require casing systems in order to ensure ultimate safety and enhanced performance in a variety of applications. Contact us to discuss what casing system would be most useful for your needs and how we can help to simplify the drilling process with the proper equipment.


PVC CasingsPVC Casings

Casings are generally used in the drilling of boreholes for various uses. In cases where boreholes are drilled for fresh drinking water, casings are used to prevent contamination. Sourcit also supplies diamond drilling casings made from either schedule material or drill steel material. Additionally, we supply Johnson Screens to complement the casings.



Steel-bore-hole-casingBorehole Casings

From plain beveled to threaded steel casing is available. Talk to us today to find out more!




Flush Coupled/Jointed Casings

NW, NWS, HW, HWS, PW, NX and HX casings are available. Contact us for more information!